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So, I had this dream last night, right? There was a pygmy circus clown, a demon-possessed bunny rabbit and Chester A. Arthur, all chanting “Join !” Then I woke up, drenched in sweat and clutching a [Rabbit Foot]. I think it’s a sign.

- Anjea

Skywatch is an English speaking RIFT: Planes of Telara guild on the European RP-PvE server called  Argent.

Skywatch aims to be a mature, light-RP, casual guild with equal focus on PvE and PvP.

Mature means that we prefer members to be at least 18 years old, but we also accept younger members who show themselves to be mature and of a polite, tolerant tone.

Light-RP means that we encourage our members to roleplay and participate in roleplaying events, but it is not mandatory. You are, however, required to have a proper name that fits the lore of RIFT and doesn't break immersion for anybody else.

Casual means that we understand that real life comes first, and because of that, you will NOT required to play certain amount of hours or required to participate in things you don't want to.

As mentioned above, we're trying to have an equal balance between PvE and PvP, which means we are going to have organized instance runs and raids, and also Warfront matches and open world PvP-events. We're also looking towards having roleplaying events too.

For more information, look for us in-game!

Officers in-game names:
Xarak - Commander
Mirenel - Officer
Drovvin - Officer
Guild News

Skywatch comes home!

Gyurie, Jun 15, 13 7:10 AM.

As you might see, Icewatch became a trial server, which means if we want to play properly, we have to transfer. Of all the servers, my pick was Argent RP-PVE, the original home of the guild.

If you want to follow, just use the transfer button on the character selection screen (but make sure that you don't have any mails or auctions going on).

The other news is that for some reason Skywatch name is still taken on Argent (although the original guild was destroyed), so I renamed the guild to Skywatch Remnant.

It will serve as a placeholder until we can figure out what's going on with the name.



Account owners are now (feel) free to play!

Gyurie, Jun 4, 13 8:34 AM.
RIFT account owners are now free to log in and play without paying a dime.

It means if you own RIFT and have an associated account, your Free 2 Play just arrived. :)

Free 2 Play for the rest of the crowd (along with the 2.3: Empyrian Assault patch) arrives on June 12!

See you all ingame!


Status report: Recruitment & Officers

Gyurie, Jun 4, 13 8:26 AM.
Greetings fellow Skywatchers,

Our recruitment status is again:


We welcome everybody, old and new players alike!

The following officer positions are available:

 - Recruitment officer
  •         Tasks:     to properly advertise the guild through various channels, seek out new recruits to maintain a healthy and active membership
  •         Requirements:    active presence ingame and on the website, good communication skills, polite behaviour

 - Events officer
  •         Tasks:      to organise events at a regular base, including PvE and PvE content
  •         Requirements:    active presence ingame and on the website, fair knowledge of the game including various mechanics, possible activities

New officer positions will be available when we aquire more active members! :)

Skywatch Founded!

Gyurie, May 25, 13 6:12 AM.
Hey friends,

We managed to recreate Skywatch on Icewatch server. The guild membership numbers are literally zero, but this time, I don't mind.

We aim to be a close-knit community instead of the melting pot which previous Skywatch was. Friendly, family-like, helpful, social: these are our keywords.

If you want to be the part of it, be sure to apply either here on the website, or in-game.


Earn a free copy of RIFT+EXPANSION+30 DAYS!

Gyurie, May 15, 13 6:18 PM.
Hey all!

There is a great opportunity to grab RIFT (or the expansion) now via THIS PROMOTION.

Here is a step by step guide how to get that:

1. Register on this site:

2. Add RIFT as a game to your Raptr profile.

3. Download the Raptr PC application (which is quite ugly and irritating, but you only have to have it for 1 day)

4. Download RIFT.

5. Start the Raptr client.

6. Start RIFT, log in and make it to the character selection screen.

7. Leave there for mere 14 hours.

8. Claim your free copy.

It is totally legitimate, not a ripoff, not anything. I'm testing it myself currently. It is a promotion.

The point is that the Raptr client watches that for how long your Riftgame.exe runs. If it reached 14 hours it rewards you with the game (or in case you have it with free 30 days gametime). That simple!

See you all ingame (on the ICEWATCH server!)


UPDATE: I'm not sure it works with already established accounts. Still investigating... Anyway it is a good way to grab the game for friends and let them access the benefits when f2p hits!
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